– Indicator II –

Developing an indicator

The development of indicators is a fundamental step for supporting sustainable development. However, the existing indicators are mostly based on a top-down approach and can miss critical sustainable development issues at the local level. That is the reason why we need to combine the top-down approach with the bottom-up approach.

Through the combined procedure, we try to make sure that all of the affected stakeholders are involved… Don’t forget, they can be affected positive or negative!

Figure A

      Figure B

When using the combined approach we can select indicators related to all for a complete analysis. It also allows you to identify the feasible indicators in terms of data availability. As it makes no sense to select an indicator that has no measured data and is not comparable.


How do we select and/or develop a set of indicators?

What is the difference between the bottom-up and top-down approach?

How would you describe a good sustainable goal?