Assessing the sustainability performance of trenchless pipe laying

Cooperation to improve higher education related to the water energy food (WEF) nexus in Ghana.

Building Resilience and Sustainability to Extreme Weather Events

Development of an intelligent sustainability calculator of infrastructure projects based on digital, georeferenced BIM models

International Master’s Program in Energy and Green Hydrogen (IMP-EGH)

AMBassador for sustainable transiTION

Sustainable greenhouse production types and resource efficient technologies for future cultivation

TranSensus LCA
Towards a European-wide harmonised transport-specific LCA Approach

Joint PhD: Towards a sustainable circular economy
Developing a framework for integrating circularity in life cycle sustainability assessment

Clean energy certification for SMEs

Konsortial Benchmarking 
Circular Economy – Lifecycle management in manufacturing companies

Recycling-ready multi-material design for lightweight structures

Utilization potential of materials from deconstruction
Development of a method for the evaluation of building materials with regard to their technical, environmental and economic suitability for further use

Definition of holistic sustainability criteria for transport infrastructure

Sustainability assessment of transport infrastructure outside urban areas

Life cycle assessment of new and existing hydraulic structures
Towards a framework for the environmental sustainability of hydraulic infrastructures

Carbon Neutral Steel
Together with thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG towords a net zero emission steel production 

SFB/Transregio 339
Digital Twin Road – Physical-Informational Mapping of the System ‘Road of the Future’

EU Taxonomy
Technical Working Group on the Platform of sustainable Finance as part of the development of the technical screening criteria for environmental goals 3-6. Preparation of a report on a revision of the criteria for all six environmental goals.

Fiber and concrete recycling of carbon and textile concrete considering the impact of interfering materials on established mineral raw material cycles

Collaborative Research Centre/Transregio 280
Sustainability assessment methods for disruptive innovations like carbon concrete

Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment
Sustainability Assessment of Niobium Mining (Brazil) – CETEM, IBICT, JRC Ispra / European Commission

Social Life Cycle Assessment
Revision of the Guidelines of Social LCA – Life Cycle Initiative & SLCA Working Group

Life Cycle Assessment and Ecolabelling
Revision of EU Ecolabel criteria – JRC Sevilla / European Commission

Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Product Declaration:
Evaluation and preparation of certification of various building materials

Green Steel – Thyssenkrupp Steel
Preparation and Completion of the Steel Life Cycle Assessment and Critical Review according to ISO 14040/44 – Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG

Preparation of an ISO-compliant life cycle assessment report
BMW Group

MAGIS – Life Made Green in Italy
Improve the environmental profile of italian products

Holistic sustainability assessment of different regional phosphorus recycling strategies

Japfa-S-LCA Consultancy Service
Chicken farmers in Indonesia in cooperation with PT Life Cycle Indonesia

TeTraPhar Africa
Capacity building for the scale-up of cleaner production and post-harvest technologies with consideration for sustainable development in Africa

Plastic Leakage Project
Tackling Plastic pollution: Methodology to measure plastic leakage and identify its pathways into the environmental