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Here you can find complementary information to the lecture Sustainability Strategies in Politics and Companies. The most interesting topics are reviewed again. It is a good help when learning for the assessment test 😉


1. Introduction and Milestones

What is „Sustainability“?
What do you need to know about it?

2. Indicators I

Find general information about indicators and further informations about what an index is.

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3. Indicators II

How do we develop indicators?
Do you remember what the „top-down“ and „bottom-up“ approach“ is?

4. International Strategy

Let’s talk about the UN Environment!
And what about the Montreal, the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris agreement?
Which one is an efficient strategy?
Also don’t forget the SDGs!

5. EU Strategy

European Trading Scheme (ETS) does it ring a bell?

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 6. Sustainable Industry

Read more about the priority areas of the WBCSD.

7. Sustainable Consumption

Here you can read more about the Marrakech process and its task forces.
What lables can you look out for when shopping? And what is really sustainable consumption?

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Articles to further broaden your view.


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