Rohit Ravi - CV

Rohit Ravi, M.Sc.

Research Assistant
Rohit works as a research assistant at INaB since September 11, 2023. He is a highly motivated individual with a Master’s degree in Robotic Systems Engineering from RWTH Aachen, distinguished by his exceptional academic achievements, including his master thesis titled ‘Investigating the Use of Augmented Reality in Design for Additive Manufacturing for Head Mounted Displays,’ which earned a perfect grade of 1.0. His professional journey encompasses the role of Research & Development Engineer at ‘Motion & Strategy’ in Heerlen, Netherlands, where he developed controllers for virtual training of industrial processes using mixed reality. Furthermore, he has contributed significantly as a Research Assistant at the Institute for Automotive Engineering (ika) and Visual Computing Institute (VCI RWTH) in Aachen. Rohit has published 2 research papers on the topic of ‘Augmented Reality in Additive Manufacturing’. He also has great passion for photography and filming music videos.

Research Topics: AI, Web Development, Augmented Reality

Room: 216

Investigating the Use of Augmented Reality in Design for Additive Manufacturing (DOI:
Exploring Augmented Reality for Teaching Design for Additive Manufacturing (