Suzana Ostojic - CV

Suzana Ostojic M.Sc.

Research Assistant

Suzana Ostojic works as a research assistant (Ph.D.) at the Institute for Sustainability in Civil Engineering since July 2021.

In the bachelor and master studies of environmental engineering (with a specialization in process engineering) at RWTH Aachen University, she has focused on the sustainability of technical developments and solution approaches of the environmentally relevant issues of our future. She was able to gain relevant experience in research and industry during her studies at the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (IPT) and the Chair of Technical Thermodynamics (LTT). In her last station (LTT) and master thesis (INaB), the thematic focus was on environmental and economic assessments of CO2 mineralization and phosphorus recycling processes.

After her master studies, she worked for eight months as a Scientific Officer at the Joint Research Center of the EU Commission on developing the EU Taxonomy, a complex and highly politically relevant project defining environmentally sustainable activities.

Research Topics:
Sustainability development at the political level (Platform Sustainable Finance PSF), Sustainable Finance, LCA

Phone: +49 241 8022764
Room: 216


Ostojic, S.; Haun, P.; Traverso, M.; Schilling, L.; Kupfer, R.; Gude, M.: A life cycle assessment modelling approach: Identifying hotspots and improvement opportunities for a recyclable multi-material design of automotive lightweight structures. Oral presentation at the 15th Biennial International Conference on EcoBalance, 30.10.-02.11.2022 in Fukuoka (Japan), 2022.

Ostojic, S.; Haun, P.; Traverso, M. (2022) Should we combine LCSA and SDG to support decision making? – State of the art, examples and discussion based on the primary industry. Workshop, 3rd Life Cycle Innovation Conference (LCIC) 2022, 29.06. – 01.07.2022 in Berlin (Germany), 2021.

Ostojic, S.; Backes, J. G.; Traverso M.(2022) A comparative LCA approach for different phosphorous recycling methods. Oral presentation, XVI CONVEGNO DELL’ASSOCIAZIONE RETE ITALIANA LCA 2022, 22.-24.06.2022 in Palermo (Italy), 2022.

Canfora, P., Arranz Padilla, M., Polidori, O., Pickard Garcia, N., Ostojic, S. and Dri, M. Development of the EU Sustainable Finance Taxonomy – A framework for defining substantial contribution for environmental objectives 3-6. EUR 30999 EN. Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2022. Published March, 2022. ISBN 978-92-76-47898-0. DOI: 10.2760/256390.

Allen, B. & Hiller, N. (contributed by Traverso, M., Ostojic, S.): Strengthening the science-policy interface for sustainable investments. The Institute for European Environmental Policy (2021). Published September 8, 2021. More