Current Projects

Collaborative Research Centre/Transregio 280
Sustainability assessment methods for disruptive innovations like carbon concrete

Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment
Sustainability Assessment of Niobium Mining (Brazil) – CETEM, IBICT, JRC Ispra / European Commission

Social Life Cycle Assessment
Revision of the Guidelines of Social LCA – Life Cycle Initiative & SLCA Working Group

Life Cycle Assessment and Ecolabelling
Revision of EU Ecolabel criteria – JRC Sevilla / European Commission

Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Product Declaration:
Evaluation and preparation of certification of various building materials

Green Steel – Thyssenkrupp Steel
Preparation and Completion of the Steel Life Cycle Assessment and Critical Examination according to ISO 14040/44 – Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG

Preparation of an ISO-compliant life cycle assessment report
BMW Group

MAGIS – Life Made Green in Italy
Improve the environmental profile of italian products

Holistic sustainability assessment of different regional phosphorus recycling strategies

Japfa-S-LCA Consultancy Service
Chicken farmers in Indonesia in cooperation with PT Life Cycle Indonesia