Manouchehr Shokri M.Sc.

Research Assistant

Since September 2020 Manouchehr Shokri works as a research assistant at the Institute for Sustainability in Civil Engineering (INaB). He graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering (B.Sc.) from Civil Engineering Technical & Vocational Training Institute in the Lorestan- Iran. After this, He gathered experience in the public and private companies sector working as a supervising engineer, Surveyor and surveillance, Head of technical office for a government institution focused on the execution of infrastructure and highway projects. He completed his studies in Environmental Engineering (M.Sc.) with a focus on Energy and Environment in Civil Engineering at the University Technology Malaysia(UTM). His master thesis centered on the Performance of sustainable material and modified wax additives in road pavement industry comparing with conventional pavement.

Research Topics:
LCA in Road Pavement ; LCSA of Road and Construction Sector; Sustainability of Infrastructure

Tel.: +49 241 80 22766
Room: 215

Conference Publications & Presentations:

Shokri,M.; Manka, R.N; Traverso, M.: Toward Sustainability: Comparative Life Cycle Assessment Framework of Green Road Pavement Using Industrial By-Products As Alternative Materials. Oral presentation at the 15th Biennial International Conference on EcoBalance, 30.10-02.11.2022 in Fukuoka (Japan), 2022.

Shokri, M.; Mankaa, R.N.; Traverso, M.: Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment of Green Road Pavement. Oral presentation at 8th International Conference of S-LCA 2022, 05.09.-08.09.2022 in Aachen (Germany), 2022.

Shokri, M.; Mankaa, R.N.; Traverso M.: Toward Sustainability: Developing A Framework For Life Cycle Assessment Of Green Road Construction . Oral presentation of Life Cycle Innovation Conference (LCIC) 2022, 29.06. – 01.07.2022 in Berlin (Germany), 2022.

Shokri, M.; Mankaa, R. N.; Traverso M.: Developing Framework of Life Cycle Assessment in Green superstructure Pavement . Oral presentation, XVI CONVEGNO DELL’ASSOCIAZIONE RETE ITALIANA LCA 2022, 22.-24.06.2022 in Palermo (Italy), 2022.

Shokri, M.; Mankaa, R.; Traverso, M.: Developing a Framework for Life Cycle Assessment of Green Transportation Infrastructure (Railway and Super pavements). Conference Proceeding and oral presentation of LCM 2021, 06.–08.09.2021 in Stuttgart (Germany, digital), 2022. More

Shokri, M.; Traverso, M.; Mankaa, R.N.: Toward Sustainability: Developing a Comparative Framework for Life Cycle Assessment of Urban Green Infrastructure. Poster presentation at LCM Conference 2023, 05.09. – 08.09.2023 in Lille (France), 2023.