Sustainability Assessment of Niobium Mining (Brazil)

CETEM, IBICT, JRC Ispra / European Commission

In the European context Critical Raw Materials – CRM are those which have high importance to key industries, have high import reliance and high supply concentration, which translate into to high supply risks.

However, very little primary production of these materials occurs within Europe and production of many materials is reliant on a few third countries, creating a status of dependence on extra EU supply for Europe and risks of market distortions. 

To address this growing concern, the European Commission launched the European Raw Materials initiative in 2008 and adopted in 2011 a strategy document wich sets out targeted measures to secure and improve access to raw materials for the EU, based on a three-pillar approach:

    • fair and sustainable supply of raw materials from international markets
    • fostering sustainable supply within the EU,
    • boosting resource efficiency and promoting recycling
A life cycle assessment and social life cycle assessment with primary data have been conducted for the first time to a critical raw material.
INaB works on the implementation of the social life cycle assessment.

Project partner: CETEM, IBICT, JRC Ispra / European Commission

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