in collaboration with thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG

Life cycle assessment of today’s German steel production with integrated smelting plant according to ISO 14040/44 & greenhouse gas balance of theoretical transformation paths.

The primary goal of this life cycle assessment in cooperation with thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG is the display of hot strip produced with an integrated metallurgical plant and its environmental impact in accordance with ISO 14040/44. One focus here is on the external products used and the internal steel production itself. All processes are included, from the extraction of raw materials, through the manufacturing phase, to the hot strip (cradle-to-gate) – which represents the desired end product – to ensure the general validity of the results for a wide range of steel products. Secondary goals are further modeled hot strip production scenarios, in which perspective process adjustments are shown and which future scenarios of steel production represent. This modeling is based on thermodynamic and metallurgical calculations and results in greenhouse gas balances in accordance with ISO 14067.

Project duration: Nov2019 – Apr2020

M.Sc. Jana Backes
Tel .: +49 241 80 22765