Dr. Elisabetta Palumbo

Senior Researcher

SIMG_7684swince January 2018 Elisabetta Palumbo works as a senior researcher at the Institute of Sustainability in Civil Engineering. She obtained a Ph.D. in the field of Architecture (Florence University) with a thesis on Life Cycle Assessment of natural stone facades.
She is listed in the Register of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservationists of the Province of Bologna, Italy. She is also a Member of the Working Group Building and Construction of Italian Life Cycle Assessment Network.
She is a tutor of the degree course Materials and Construction Systems, Technologies for Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Technologies of the Faculty of Architecture Aldo Rossi in the University of Bologna.
She was involved in different industrial projects with the business construction sector, e.g. in the Construction Innovation Pole of the Abruzzo region or within the Construction Platform of the Emilia Romagna High Technology Network. She is author and reviewer in international peer-reviewed journals.

Research Topics:
Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment for Buildings and Building Materials, Sustainable Building Rating Systems, Circular Economy Aspects of Building Materials

Phone: +49 241 80 22764
Mail: elisabetta.palumbo@inab.rwth-aachen.de
Room: 216

Del Rosario, P.; Palumbo, E; Traverso, M.: Environmental Product Declarations as Data Source for the Environmental Assessment of Buildings in the Context of Level(s) and DGNB: How Feasible Is Their Adoption? Sustainability, 13, 6143 (2021). Published May 29, 2021. DOI: 10.3390/su13116243. (IF: 3.251)

Palumbo, E., Rossi-Schwarzenbeck, M., Block, M., & Traverso, M.: Urban retrofit of the Leipzig-Grünau District. A screening LCA to measure mitigation strategie. TECHNE – Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, 2, 106-111 (2021). Published March 22, 2021. DOI: 10.13128/techne-10692. (IF: 0.22)

Silvestri, L., Palumbo, E., Traverso, M., Forcina, A.: A comparative LCA as a tool for evaluating existing best available techniques (BATs) in facing brick manufacturing and more eco-sustainable coating solutions. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment (2021). Published March 1, 2021. DOI: 10.1007/s11367-021-01877-2. (IF: 4.141)

Palumbo, E., Soust-Verdaguer, B., Llatas, C., Traverso, M.: How to Obtain Accurate Environmental Impacts at Early Design Stages in BIM When Using Environmental Product Declaration. A Method to Support Decision-Making. Sustainability (2020). Published August 26, 2020. DOI: 2071-1050/12/17/6927. (IF: 3.251)

D’Amico, A., Ciulla, G., Traverso, M., Lo Brano,V., Palumbo, E.: Artificial Neural Networks to assess energy and environmental performance of buildings: An Italian case study. Journal of Cleaner Production (2019). Published August 11, 2019. DOI: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2019.117993. (IF: 9.297)

Palumbo, E., Politi, S.: Improving building envelope efficiency: interaction between embedded energy and operational energy. TECHNE – Matter is Design, 16, 247-257 (2018). Published May 16, 2018. DOI: 10.13128/Techne-23039. (IF: 0.22)

Evaluation and preparation of certification of various building materials 

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